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This is old version, recommended use https://xingfeng.org/?p=533 NEW VERSION. it’s quickly more because use GPU crack!

Latest version: 2014-02-07

Scope: Only forgot self password
Not suit range: The hacker crack

Support wallet: Bitcoin, Multibit , Litecoin, PPCoin/Primecoin/Feathercoin/ProtoShares/NovaCoin and more.
wallet is not supported: mobile wallet, web wallet

Software Requirements: wallet.dat wallet file, or MultiBit.wallet wallet file
unneeded :The coin Application(bitcoin-qt.exe), / blockchain database

Multi-machine computing: Allow , but limits 250 network thread.

Software screenshot:



Principle Description:
Through a combination of dictionary to try password. As long as you are not randomly generated password, you must enter the password key words you think, and all passwords used words, such as a certain name, date of birth, telephone, skype id, mail, etc. all common passwords, and remember to put some regular open password, open the tool in place run, will have a chance to recover your password.

Use Tips: http://xingfeng.org/?p=35  (In page right,  has translation)

Whether to support brute force: support, but not recommended.

Free Features: Forgot Password try
other free content: The following six-digit password free display (need contact me)
premium content: displays the password found in
premium rates: 5% of the total loss of money, namely 10 B closed 0.5B
payment methods : QQ784848771 or mailto:[email protected] contact, use BTC / LTC or u lost coin type receivables,

Authenticity verification:
Bitcoin signature generation requires a private key to generate a signature, and your private key is password protected, which is only know the password to generate a signature. (You can try on their own, the need for a password)
so the tool so the principle of the solution after the password, the private key by decrypting it automatically generates signature information.
You can pass this information on software for the signature to verify the signature is correct, and so determine whether the tool has been solved password

(Other usage signature, in-depth understanding of its principles: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=235758.0 )

The proposed hardware environment: multi-core multi-CPU computer or server
environment is not recommended:While playing a game while running the machine password, vmware / vpc and other virtual machines.
If you do not trust me, it is recommended to use software environment: sandbox / shadow system protection
if you do not trust me, it is recommended hardware environment: off network (unplug the network cable)

Reference speed: 5 years ago P8700 CPU notebook, 2 threads, 20 / s passwords

Forgot your password after the generated files. (When the transaction is required by hand to me)


File contents:
1 signature information (for you to verify the authenticity).
2 encrypted password (paid display).
3 All your payment address (no private key).

File transfer mode: You need to manually send it to me.
My purpose: I’ll read this document, check the balance of all your addresses to determine the price(5%) charged.
Other explanations:
1 run because it is offline, it is impossible to know the balance, so the above address including the change address pool address unused comparison a little too much. (No private key)
2., please do not waste the energy to try to delete some large address, I efficacious code inspection.

Payment process:
First of all, you put [crack results.Txt] sent me, I balance inquiries, negotiate fees with you. (of course, you can also directly paid 5% to the software on the BTC address. )

Select 1, you use your other wallet, direct transfer to me. (I do not receive Fiat)
Select 2, you buy the coin from trading exchange,  or find friends pad money, and then transfer to me.
Select 3, directly to the wallet file sent to me, I transfer the fees, then give you the password. (such as some no copycat currency trading exchange, can do)


  Tools Download (2014-02-07):



If you do not trust this software, you can use the sandbox + model to run off network password, or use the shadow system is required.
In this environment, Trojan horse or virus can not steal your information, as well as damage to your data.

Sand table describes  http://baike.baidu.com/link?url=IdMmBEwVOa_c4qLJNTry_6tZjcxamvzYM8nXeXJKCVcAFNNphMuoD8WVbvuOa8nU
famous sandbox software, http://www.sandboxie.com/index.php?DownloadSandboxie  
free registered version only uses popups wait 15 seconds difference


Tool exchange area: 

Prior to this, has racked up back over one hundred B.
Other users can consult to prove my credit.

update log:
FIX BUG: fix the wrong wallet file problem. Note, in modifying the wallet path, running before the wallet BUG.

FIXBUG: Correction hand wrong key generation, transmission and generating a key leakage error.

change a error tip.

are now allowed in the calculation, performed keyword writing (but you can not save, you need to stop the operation to save).
Crack the network for idle task will be prompted with a warning in red.
Because some people do not respect the labor of authors, now in the operation, 100 seconds is trying to hide passwords.
Some other changes to the details.

You can now generate for press wrong key, or lose press key, some password

Fix utf-8 char path BUG.

Support PPCoin/Primecoin/Feathercoin/ProtoShares/NovaCoin signature generation.

last revision is possible to run a thread leak, resulting in less run 1 / n password. It is strongly recommended to use a prior version of the re-run.
Rewritten interface, away from the ugly MFC interface is now class metro style interface.
You can now run multiple computers together password.

increase the number of fixed-function prefix phrase, fixed suffix, break more humane.

2013-12-06 V2:
fix some cases the signature error problem

Added support MultiBit wallet. increase breakpoint functionality to run, and now you can always turn off the program. Every time the program recognizes the progress of the last run.

Fix BUG: in only a small one-time password for this, the speed is zero does not end the issue.
Fix BUG: the combination of the 1:00, ran the first few words leakage (greater than the combination of the 1:00, no such problem)
to adjust the interface font is Arial, prevent some Microsoft elegant black computer display is not installed very sick.

Fixed some wrong password encryption, decryption cause I could not even have to re-run the password problem.
Correction LTC signature verification problem, now supports Bitcoin and signature verification Litecoin, the other signature purse plus later.
Interface and the underlying logic adjustments.

Forget increase algorithm: You can set the number of times a keyword appears only one.
prepared a simple keyword import feature common
to modify Contact
modify the contents of crack txt explain the results.
Disclaimer: I am not hackers, anti-virus tools available to agencies to check and, if necessary, call my name registration phone number (not published here, the QQ data available).


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